April 12

Blog Quote

I like this quote because it’s really true and I think you should be kind to people that aren’t as high as you in the world.  

I made this on Quozio.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Quote

  1. Sheri Edwards

    MacKenna, Awesome quote! I often like quotes by the author J. K. Rowling. This one is especially important because it reminds us what you mentioned, “be kind to people what aren’t as high as you in the world.” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all did this?

    The world would be a cold place without kindness. I created a quote on kindness thanks to your inspiration: http://quozio.com/quote/e436a18e#!t=1024

    Be sure to thank your class for introducing me to Quozio. ~ Ms Edwards

    1. mackenna15817 (Post author)

      Hi Ms Edwards!
      I chose this quote for the reasons you mentioned. I like your quote too. I agree that people should be kind to others. Where are you from?
      From Mackenna


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